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        The difference between the childish actor and the childlike actor is astronomical. The childish actor is unprofessional: they must be spoon-fed, they need constant reassurance, and they bully the other kids when they think nobody is looking. The childlike actor carries fearlessness and imagination: they approach new ideas with a sense of willingness and wonder, they love to play and create, and they aren’t concerned with the limits or judgements set upon them by the adult world. I try to be the childlike actor.

        I am a tactile person. I am a multi-faceted person. I feel the most alive when I’m in the moment and experiencing tangible things. I will try everything once. I will stick my feet in the cold mud, and taste new and wacky things, and roll around on the sweaty dance floor, and run until my cheeks are red and I can’t breathe. I've been told when I can't think of a word I try to "taste" them until I find the right one. I love theatre because it brings honest sensations, even the ones we’re embarrassed to indulge in, or the ones we think we’re too old for. I want to give other people these same thrilling, buzzing sensations. 

        I try not to take myself too seriously. I try to take in everything I can and use it to become a better person. I can feel myself learning and growing every day, and I know how alive I feel when I do so. I know I will never be finished growing. This is my goal in what I do: to feel honestly, to learn everything I can, and to give others the opportunity to do the same.

        I try to be the childlike actor. I do not always succeed - I’m a human, self-consciousness comes with the job - but my goal in theatre is to approach everything with the open heart, the imagination, and the unconditional love of a child.